10 Reasons why confidence leads to success

Less confidence holds us back. It can result in shyness, inaction and to missed opportunities. I truly believe that if you have trust in yourself it allows you to rise up and reach your potential. When I speak of confidence, I am not talking about arrogance. I am referring to the self-confidence needed to believe[…]

5 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Confidence

We often admire self-confident people, and their confidence can be contagious just like other emotional states and inspire confidence in others. Confidence people face their fears head-on and are often risk takers. They know that no matter what obstacles come their way, they have the ability to get past them. Importantly self-confident people tend to see their[…]

Mentoring women in confidence strategies.

Let’s face it young women are less likely to see opportunities, have a higher fear of failure and therefore are less likely to engage in entrepreneurship, than young men. We need to get much better at mentoring women in confidence strategies. Thankfully confidence is teachable. It’s not something anyone is born with. As a female[…]

Facing childcare issues in the summer holidays?

Read our advice about organising childcare in the holidays. According to research by the national childcare charity Daycare Trust, finding affordable childcare during the summer break is one of the biggest headaches for parents. Yet because of the lack of places and the high cost, most parents don’t actually organise their summer childcare until a[…]

Northumberland ‘mumpreneur’ partners with international brand to launch own business

Headed up by Northumberland entrepreneur Victoria Anderson, Well Rounded You aims to support women in creating a better life for themselves, their families and to support personal social interests & causes – through entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. Victoria discovered Arbonne, the health and beauty brand, after coming out of a difficult time bringing up children. She admits[…]

Start Working On Your Confidence Today

I am sure we all know that low self-esteem expresses itself in our subconscious behaviours. Behaviours that most definitely thwart career advancement and damage our chances of getting what we want in life. Positively, engaging in certain behaviours can actually boost our confidence and set us on the path to success. For example: Accept praise: A[…]