Well Rounded You helps women in business regain their confidence and take their success to the next level.

Here are some interesting statistics about Women and Business:

Most corporate offices in the UK now have a 30% female participation at the top and medium levels.

There are discrepancies about the way women are involved in business.

Traits ingrained in the women keep them away from unleashing their full potential.

So Do Women Still Struggle to Be Taken Seriously in Business?

Most top managerial posts are still held by men.

Traditionally men have made the rules and policy decisions regarding the ways businesses have been conducted.

It is an impression that women can find very difficult to conquer.


Lack of Self-Confidence?


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As confidence is a state of mind, training, coaching, mentoring, practice and positive thinking all dramatically boost confidence levels. Well Rounded You helps women in business regain their confidence and take their success, and their organisations, to the next level


This enables organisations to tackle complex human resource challenges such as increasing employee retention, enabling company succession plans, and improving workforce productivity. Corporate mentoring is on the rise with 71 percent of Fortune 500 companies offering professional mentoring programs to their employees. Mentoring is being used in the workplace for example for career development, leadership development, diversity mentoring and knowledge transfer. Here is a great acronym for what a mentor does:

Manage the relationship




Offer mutual respect

Respond to the learner's needs

A mentoring relationship can provide a mentee with:

  • Greater career satisfaction and increased likelihood ofbusiness success.
  • Development in areas not typically address through training or on the job training.
  • Greater clarity on life and career choices and their own career or business goals.
  • Different perspectives and cultural values.
  • The opportunity to develop new networks of contacts.
  • Access to new resources.

It can result in:

  • Individuals, including employees with a greater knowledge of their business and organisation.
  • Improved productivity through networking.
  • Improved communication throughout the organisation.
  • Provides impartial advice and encouragement.
  • The development of a supportive relationship.
  • Assists with problem solving.
  • Improves self-confidence.
  • Encourages reflection on practice and hence skills and knowledge advancement.

Importantly mentoring demonstrates an individual's and organisation’s commitment to the development and advancement of themselves and their employees.